Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The 3 C's!

Happy Holidays from the Mermaids!

As people are celebrating special traditions from cultures all over the world, we wanted to chime in on just three of them today--The '3 C's': Chrismukkah, Christmas and Channukah.

Looking for a way to represent both Christmas and Channukah at your holiday celebration? Throw a Chrismukkah Party! Not only is a Chrismukkah party a great way to celebrate both religions at once, it's also a really fun party.

Creative Invite Idea.
Burn a copy of this "Oy To The World" CD for each of your guests. Print party details, slip in a clear case as the CD cover and send!

*Don't forget to play this CD during your party!

Specialty Chrismukkuh Cocktails.
Serve your guests spiked Egg Nog.  You can pour in festive decorated mugs--half of them Santa-themed and the other half stars and Dreidels! Garnish with nutmeg on top and warm up from the inside out!   He'Brew beer chilled is another great option for this party.


A Bagel & a Schmear.
After a long night of holiday revel-send your guests off with mini bags filled with a bagel, a tub of cream cheese and a to-go cup of hot coffee!

This book is a hilarious hostess gift filled with everything Chrismukkah!

'Christmas Chilled with Cheer'? or maybe you prefer a 'Santa by the Sea Soirree'?  Whatever you fancy, most of us are cutting back this year and that might mean that vacations are the first thing to go.

Why not treat your guests to a mini vacation no matter where you live?  If you live someplace warm and sans snow in December--your guests will love an evening in Aspen!   And, if it's frigid and cold in December where you live--transport your guests to St. Barts!

An Evening in Aspen or An Evening in St. Barts.
*Or, create a Winter Wonderland in Alaska or Maine or a sun drenched paradise like Hawaii, Tahiti or Mexico!

Creative Invite Idea.
For a Spectaular & Swish invite, send your guests an airline ticket to St. Barts!

Or, a personalized ski lift ticket from Aspen...

For a Cheap & Chic alternative, send your guests a postcard...


Hand write the party details on the back, stamp and send!

A warm cocktail in front of a "faux" fireplace covered in fake snow will have your guests nice and toasty.

Or, 'You Tube' a crackling fire to your flastcreen.  And, how cute is this Cheap & Chic cardboard deer to hang above? 

Or, this beautiful piece really makes a statement...

Specialty Cocktail--Aspen.

The Midnight Snowstorm
2 oz white crème de menthe
Hot chocolate
Dollop of whipped cream

Use store bought hot chocolate as per the packet instructions and pour into a glass with 2 oz of the white crème de menthe and stir. Add whipped cream and warm up your guests!

Specialty Cocktail--St. Barts.
Serve Rose wine to your guests as they listen to the sounds of the ocean in their flip flops (see party favor flip flops!)

This Paul Jaboulet Aîné Rose is light and fruity and only $11 per bottle.

We hope you enjoyed your stay! 

Send guests back to reality with a souvenier from their recent vacation.  Warm chocolate chip cookies and milk 'to-go' after their evening in Aspen.

Fill a basket with flip flops for guests to wear during your island escape party and to take a pair home with them when as a great favor.


Creative Invite Idea.
Invite your guests to celebrate the Festival of Lights with you by sending them a homemade matchbox. Use blue paper and a gold ink star stamp! Write party details on back of box or include them on a folded  piece of paper inside.

Specialty Cocktail.
Keep the traditional Channukah colors throughout your party palette with this specialty cocktail:

Blue Martini
3 oz (about 1/3 cup) gin or vodka
1/2 oz (1 tablespoon) dry vermouth
1 teaspoon blue Curaçao
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice, strained
Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice, strain into 2 Martini glasses and garnish with lemon twists.

Creative Centerpiece.
Fill hurricane vases with a mixture of these Cheap & Chic plastic dreidels  and gelt candy coins for your centerpieces or sprinkle around your bar or tables.

Send your guests off into the starry night with these Star of David sparklers.  They also come in Manorah shapes!

Happy Hostess Gift.
Remind your hostess how kind she was to invite you into her holiday nest.  Every time she lights her beautiful scented candle, she'll be reminded of you!

Whatever 'C' you honor this year, remember:  Don't host a party. host a memory.

Celebrate and swim lightly,

The Mermaids

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