Friday, June 29, 2012

Girls (and boys and Mermaids) Just Wanna Have Fun!

As we head into this weekend, I have been told by quite a few friends that I missed a very lively time LAST weekend--between the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island and the Pride Parade in Manhattan, there was cheer and revelry around every corner.  Since this is still officially Pride Week - us girls wanted to share some of our fun.

Our Mermaid Intern Linda headed to the Pride Parade last Sunday afternoon where Cyndi Lauper, a devoted gay rights advocate, kicked off the LGBT Pride festivities in fashion. The Pride Parade, never short on extravagance and color, dazzled in Sunday's sunny temps. Neon short shorts and ankle breaking rhinestone platforms were among the more conservative pieces donned at the occasion. But this year's parade had far more significance for marchers, because it marked the first year anniversary of the legalization of gay marriage in NY. It's hard to imagine that less than 2 decades ago the Pride Parade was more of a political protest than the celebratory parade it is today.

Meanwhile, on the coastal end of Brooklyn, Coney Island's annual Mermaid Parade set sail last Saturday. The Mermaid Parade originated in 1983, as both an homage to the early 20th century Coney Island Mardi Gras parades and as a celebration of the beginning of summer. Whatever the occasion, we are always on board for a Mermaid get together. :)

Whatever you have planned for the weekend, we hope you celebrate and swim lightly!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fin-tastic Finds of the Week.

The sun is shining on a few cool finds today.  How great is this compass necklace by J. Crew?  I especially love the tiny diamond detail sitting next to a brass anchor. This piece is a great way to dress up a simple outfit. I layer mine over a tiny rose gold cross and Turkish eye charm.

These little soaps in my bathroom put a smile on my face.  They also make the perfect hostess gift.

I loved this nail color by OPI called "Lucky, Lucky Lavender".  A friend of mine commented that the color pairs quite well with a favorite champagne label.  Coincidence?  I think not!

I'm always on the hunt for more Fin-tastic finds and please share any of yours!  Tomorrow, we will be prepping for our event this Saturday at the fabulous C. Wonder store in Southampton. Join us from 3-5PM if you are in the hood!


Friday, June 22, 2012

Mermaids On The Town--The Maidstone!

Do you think The Maidstone would let me move in?  

After driving by this beautiful hotel and restaurant many times on the way to East Hampton, a friend and I spent some time exploring the grounds.  Hey, if I can't move in, at least I have Instagram.

The porch welcomes you with a surfboard sign and lots of little nooks to sit and enjoy a tea or a cheese plate.  Or, you can load up your very own bicycle basket with a mini picnic and hit the road.

If The Maidstone would ever consider letting me move in...I'd curl up by this that chaise lounge...and pull book after book off of their beautifully painted shelves...

...and, it would probably take at least a week to view all the cool photographs on the walls.

My friend and I camped out in their 'Living Room', poured ourselves a drink, and chatted for hours like it was our own living room.

I'd like that ottoman and tray wrapped up 'to-go', please.

After an inspired chat (surrounded by photos of the Mets, Andy Warhol and the Kennedy's--compelling conversation is bound to happen!) we took a stroll through the back garden, which had plenty of well designed places to lean back and enjoy some beautiful art and sculptures.

A little romance in the grass...and, bringing a City skyline to the Country...

Afternoon meditation with Buddha.

A luminous piece of art shining on the back of The Maidstone.

To wind down a day, how inviting are these shearling throws?  Tuck into one of these and enjoy the view of the pond across the way--complete with Mama swan and babies!

At a memorable place like this, you have to bring a souvenir home. Of course, they already thought of that...

I mean...who wouldn't want to move to The Maidstone?  ( 


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mermaid Material - Oh Yeah, That Shoe Fits.

Occasionally, a Mermaid will hang up her fins and indulge in a pair of shoes.  Really. Great. Shoes.  In honor of such momentous occasions, I wanted to spotlight my intern Linda's HOT pink suede shoes by Cristina Florea (which she picked up for 15 dollars!) at a vintage store in Copenhagen.

Tangent Alert:  Upon learning that Linda studied abroad in Copenhagen, I immediately said, "That is so tell me about the Mermaid statue."  The statue was inspired by the famous fairy tale The Little Mermaid, written by Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen. He also penned The Princess and the Pea and The Ugly Duckling, just to name a few. The statue sits on a rock along the scenic coast of the Copenhagen harbor.

Anyhoooooo, back to the shoe.  So, Linda stumbles upon these Marie Antoinette-esque creations in a small vintage store in the heart of the city. The pointed toe and sassy pink hue are softened by large pink bows that top off the shoes. Admittedly, this is not a shoe you would call a closet staple--but a fun little pair that would serve just as well as a conversation piece on display in your bookshelf (maybe sitting atop an H.C. Andersen Anthology?) or to brighten up a Sunday brunch outfit.

Most importantly, this is yet another Mermaid case study proving that hunting and gathering can reap the biggest rewards.  Most of the noteworthy items in my closet, on my walls or shelves have arrived there from a former home at a flea market, vintage shop or even a yard sale.

So, the moral of our little tale is: Happy Hunting!

PS: Send us a pic of one of your fabulous vintage or flea market finds--we will post and share the love.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mermaids at Home - Decorating a Memory.

I've always loved to bring something of sentiment back with me from a memorable trip. Even something as small as a box of matches from a well-loved restaurant and celebratory dinner with friends can make lighting a candle at home a little more fun.  The trick to living with everything you love, is finding a way to organize it all!  You don't want your home to look like an overflowing box of trinkets and photos, but rather a beautifully appointed and designed space filled with just the right amount of objects and treasures. 

A weekend or vacation near the beach is a great reason to pick up some unique shells and rocks.  I love these little glass jars (easily found at the hardware store or craft shop) and filling them with the very best beach finds.  Try affixing a clear label or piece of craft paper to the top or side of the jar and hand write a label reminding you of the place where you collected them.  This particular jar is a memory box of time I spent in the Hamptons, New York.  Filled with beach glass, shells, a cool hermit crab shell and even a subway token from my ferry ride to Shelter Island.

Speaking of Shelter Island, I am loving this candle by Jonathan Adler.  He has also created other scents inspired by some of the most beautiful places like Lake Tahoe and Big Sur. (

Wherever your travels take you, even just down the street to your favorite dinner spot--bringing something small back to your space may bring a smile to your face when you are having a not-so-relaxing day.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fin-tastic Find: La Maison Du Chocolat "Un été en Bretagne".

A Mermaid is in constant search of her next treasure. Inspired by this pursuit is our 'Fin-tastic Find', a spotlight on a weekly trinket or treasure we may see and want to share with you.

A few days ago, I was looking for a gift and decided to visit one of my favorite Parisian chocolate haunts, La Maison du Chocolat.   I came across a summery collection that I simply could not ignore.  Named the 'Un été en Bretagne', inspired by 'the Chocolatiers of La Maison du Chocolat when they set sail to uncover the gustatory treasure of Brittany'...whatever that may mean, it is a perfect host gift or small token of gratitude reminiscent of Summer, because this iconic shop of sweetness is the definition of eye candy--never failing to deliver on taste or beautiful design.

Beautifully packaged in an ocean-blue box, the flavors include:
  • dark plain ganache with acidulous and spicy notes
  • creamy milk ganache with caramel accented with a dash of salt
  • duo of caramelised apple compote and dark ganache
  • crunchy sprig of sable breton enrobed in milk chocolate
  • dark praline blended with delicate crepe dentelle
I'm particularly enamored with the creamy milk ganache with caramel and a bit of salt, maybe because it reminds me of the sea?


Friday, June 15, 2012

Mermaid Material: Shopping in East Hampton.

Each week, we will shine the spotlight on a fashionable Mermaid find--inspiration pieces that qualify as "Mermaid Material".  This week, I've been poking into the adorable shops that dot East Hampton. From Calypso statement necklaces to Catherine Malandrino totes, there is no shortage of beachy-chic around these parts!

Leave it to Calypso to personify a tassel to create a summery statement necklace. The ethereal resort pieces from Calypso always lend a light and breezy air to an outfit. Bright punchy colors and gauzy fabrics make Calypso a summer must. It doesn't hurt that Mermaid Stefi complements the look with a perfect tan and a simple top! ("Five Tassel Necklace", $245,

And because our inner city Mermaid deserves some attention too, take a peek at this Catherine Malandrino tote for the summer--a great carry-all for the beach or for the books. (Cotton New York Tote, $265,

 I love a cute and easy way to tidy up beach-touseled hair with this colorful headwrap from Scoop.  (Missoni Space Dye Headband, $89,  

Most importantly, remember that being beachside or embracing a relaxing Summer weekend is the perfect excuse to layer your favorite bold finds and lighten up your look.

Have a beautiful weekend! xo

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mermaids On The Town--The Hamptons.

Peace Out, City Living!  (for a month anyway...)
I'm pretty much doing back flips about being a Mermaid living in the Hamptons during the month of June.  It's one of my favorite places in the world.

I first started coming out here about 10 years ago and was hooked upon first sight of Windmills and Farm Stands.  Of course, the Hamptons offers so much more (and at a price!) but, even beyond the lavishly-loved lawns and gardens, the perfect East Coast beaches, extraordinary restaurants and art galleries, there truly is something 'other-worldly' about this series of hamlets.  Where just 2/12 hours later, you are no longer beating along in the tiger-pulse of NYC but are transported to a new land of lush retreat, hydrangeas and real estate-eye candy.

This past weekend, one of my best Mermaids, Stefi, was visiting, and we did some exploring. I wanted to show her one of my all-time favorite "take-me-to-a-happy-place" places - East Hampton Point.  ( I have looked at this spot many times as a potential event location (they do beautiful weddings!) and it also services as a hotel and restaurant.

We decided to sit on the dock of the bay and start our weekend with a cocktail and canapes, the perfect way to kick off the day.

After our Seaside stop, we did a little shopping in East Hampton Village.  Stefi couldn't resist popping into a charming little toy shop to look for a souvenir for her 3-year old.   I then forced her to to be photographed in front of her "namesake" store.

After an hour or two of window shopping, we walked through to the end of the village to dinner.  A friend had recommended we reserve a table at a restaurant called Race Lane.  It's sort of a hidden hot spot behind the train station in East Hampton.

We were NOT disappointed.  We shared the freshest Burrata and heirloom tomato salad followed by a perfectly cooked filet drizzled with a blueberry vodka sauce.  An interesting and dee-lish pairing!  The wine list was well curated and although we passed on dessert, the choices were beautiful!

I loved the decor at Race Lane, some of the doors were built to resemble white wood stable doors, there was a cozy fireplace and a great "secret garden" area for dining al Fresco.  Hop to it for a reservation @

After all that eating and drinking--we woke up early the next morning to try the new Soul Cycle studio in East Hampton. This was my first class (Stefi is a regular in the city and persuaded me I could "do it".)  Not only did I do it, I loved it!   It's like a spiritual spin class!  There are these great uplifting quotes on the walls and the instructor played an amazing soundtrack with the lights dimmed really low and candles lit in front of the bikes.  I'm definitely going back next week! (

Tomorrow, we will take you on a little window-shopping spree, East Hampton-style.  

Celebrate and swim lightly!