Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fin-tastic Finds: Mermaids Are On The Case.

While firing off ideas with my intern Linda last week, I stopped dead in my tracks when I noticed her cute little iPhone case decorated with watercolor hot air balloons drifting over a European city skyline. You might wonder how all of those things could logically (and artfully) be brought together on a 2" by 4" space?

So, being that I am in constant pursuit of Fin-tastic Finds for my readers, I had to tell you about Society6, an online collective of work from artists around the world featuring unique creations that can be transformed into iPhone cases, stretch canvases and more--all on behalf of artists who submit their work to the site. The options are endless. Seriously, a simple search of "Paris" gives you 86 pages of related artwork! 

Here are just a few of the designs that caught my eye: 

But of course, my instincts brought me back here... :)

And Society6 is not the only place you can satisfy your inner chic geek. Our favorite designers are also on the case (excuse the pun) from Kate Spade to Rebecca Minkoff:

Cute contradiction for the newest iPhone--obsolete cassette case!

For your good days and bad days, or when you are yearning for a lot of luxe...Goyard Prada - these guys will suit any mood you find yourself in.

It really is "the small things that make life big", the Mermaid motto. We called it.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Grey Lady

Mermaids & Martinis brought me to gorgeous Nantucket for another C. Wonder book signing. From Southampton to Nantucket, it seems I just can't keep the book far from a beach town for long!

Nantucket, nicknamed "The Grey Lady" for the veil of fog that is frequently cast over this little island, is just as charmingly mysterious as it sounds. Misty cobblestone streets welcomed us to this New England oasis...but don't think that damp weather kept anyone holed up in their homes. Nantucket was bustling, and the rain may have been imminent, but not a deterrent.

The C. Wonder store in Nantucket is a two floor property featuring sunny staff, colorful painted oars hung around the store and a "make-it-your-own" wall showcasing a bevvy of monogramming options. The quaint, home-spun feel of this C. Wonder store fits in perfectly with the historic downtown neighborhood. A fresh cut arrangement of crimson Gerber daisies and lavender hydrangeas brought in for the signing were woven into the color scheme of the store.

Once again, C. Wonder left no detail untouched, with complimentary candy at check out and bottles of water to hydrate guests.  Shoppers were abound during the day, even some that included friends from New York City who stopped by to collect a signed book, my beautiful college sorority sister Sarah, and two friends from high school who popped in on their vacation with their adorable kiddos!

After the signing, we took a local's recommendation and headed over to "Cru", a waterfront restaurant and oyster bar just steps from the ferry. The picturesque views and delicious oysters are not to be missed. We shared a blue crab cocktail, local flounder sandwich, and the classic Nantucket lobster roll that simply won.

To wrap up the evening, we boarded the ferry back to Cape Cod--the only means of transportation to and from the island. There is something magical about only being able to take a ferry to Nantucket. When the fog envelopes the island as you drift away on the boat, it's almost as if you imagined your trip to this dream-like escape entirely. ;-)

Thanks to Rachel and her super team for making the day so great.  And to my lovely Mom and Dad for the flowers and photos (respectively!).


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pink Lemonade, Prints and a Perfect Day.

The Mermaids & Martinis book signing at Lilly Pulitzer (our second out in the Hamptons!) was a sunny success. Ironically, the crazy hail and thunderstorms, which actually struck off tree branches in Manhattan's Meatpacking District (I witnessed this mayhem firsthand), made way for some perfect temps and sunshine the rest of the weekend.

I took to the floor to warm up the cozy space staked out for the signing. Simple fresh cut flowers in mason jars, pink napkins and Lilly bangles quickly transformed the store into a party space. From clutches to charms, no accessory in the store was left behind. How adorable were Mermaid interns Linda and Shannon in very their Lilly-like frocks?!

The lovely Sarah Tallman and Douglass Marshall stopped by for some fun!

The staff at Lilly went above and beyond, decking out the store with books, treats, even pink drinks for the celebration! 

I talk about "Hunting and Gathering" in my book, the process of finding the perfect little something for an event, and that's exactly what I did at the Lilly Pulitzer store; heels were used as bookends, necklaces were draped across lemonade pitchers, and clutches were perched on book stacks. With the right space at home, you can create these types of looks on your own bookshelves or to brighten up a big bedroom closet.

Classic pink and green Lilly-love!

These shoes may just have to find a new home in my closet!

Special thanks to the Mermaid team at the Lilly Pulitzer store in East Hampton: Kim, Katy, Betty, Marie and Eileen--you ladies have such beautiful style!

And, big hug and kiss to Linda Yon, Shannon Monahan and Mer-Dan (Daniel Movitz! for capturing the day in such a creative way.