Monday, January 30, 2012

Broadway Playbill Frame

Most people have to pick and choose what to collect or save. I'm all about sentimental value but some things just have to go. For me, cluttered space = cluttered mind!

I had two boxes filled with Broadway playbills from shows I had seen over the years. I thought about individually framing them and hanging them in rows. I also thought about cutting off the covers for a Tony Awards-themed event I was planning and pasting them in a collage on the top of the bar before fitting a piece of glass over it.

I went to my local framer for ideas, and brought the measurements of one of my blank walls. He had the ingenious idea of cutting one big frame to custom fit around all of the playbills. It's huge! And it looks perfect in the room.

If you did host a Tony Awards viewing party with a playbill-themed piece, you could string lights and create your own 42nd Street right at home. Just don't break a leg! ;-)


Friday, January 27, 2012

Vintage Love.

I get pretty excited about a great vintage find. I found this sweet little vintage Chanel label at an antique store near Stonington, Rhode Island. And, this hand-painted French tray was literally "found" on a hall table in my apartment building. There is this strange table where residents leave unwanted treasures, instead of throwing them out, for others to take if they want (NY'ers--do have one of these tables too?).  I really shouldn't call it strange, since I've seen many people walk into the building wearing a former pair of shoes and even dresses of mine (I only want it back when it looks better on them). It's fashionable recyclying at it's best I guess.

What do you think of my new bedroom wallpaper? It's an oldie but a goodie. If it looks familiar to you, it's definitely been around a while. It's called "Martinique" and is most famous because it hangs in the Beverly Hills Hotel. (

That adorable sleep mask is from one of my most beloved vintage stores in NYC: Darling. The owner, Ann French Emonts, was a former Broadway costume designer and has an incredible eye--she is the ultimate Mermaid. ( I'm not quite bold enough to wear that sleep mask on an airplane, but once my new Martinique wallpaper is hung in my bedroom--I will have no qualms what. so. ever, darling.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012


A few years ago I worked at a health magazine and we hosted the first-ever Yoga festival in Central Park.  At the time I wasn't really into Yoga but was soon turned on to the idea of 'practicing' a form of excercise to quiet a noisy mind.

I recently visited this beautiful little spot, the Omega Institute, in Rhinebeck, New York for a mini yoga retreat.  (  I stayed in rustic accomodations (true dorm-room style) the entire "campus" is on a beautiful  lake and features a meditation temple. And, a really great bookstore--I picked up these cards because I loved their messages. Especially "Don't believe everything you think." 

Only a short train ride from NYC, you can kayak, canoe, do yoga or just do nothing.  A great weekend getaway and a wonderful way to get the noise out of your head. And, there are really great hammocks. So bring a book. Or, don't.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snowy Day Project.

I love a snowy, cozy day. First of all, it's the perfect excuse to nest.  Second, it's a great opportunity to tackle a project that keeps falling off of one to-do list to the next one...week after week.  I was tired of looking at a certain wall in my apartment and equally tired of never finding the right piece of jewelry when I needed it!

My friend Berns helped me sort through a mess of a drawer that was overstuffed with jewelry. Typically, in a City apartment, you have to make the most of every spot. And, my boring white wall was up to no good. It was valuable unused real estate, so I made it into a Jewelry Box of sorts with the best part being now I will see what I have every day.

Command 3M makes great no-damage, adhesive hooks that will not take the paint off your wall and you can easily move them around.  I used the hooks but you could be much more creative and hang jewelry from vintage hooks or doorknobs. On top, I tied a ribbon to both ends of a bookshelf to easily poke earrings and pins into.

I also found a killer decal (I know that sounds like a contradiction) to go on this wall, and my Dad is making me a thin wooden table to fit underneath (yes, he's making it!) that I will paint a lacquered Tiffany Box blue.

Thank you Berns for all of your help and your height in reaching the top of my bookcase. ;-) 

PS: Thanks for all the nice emails/facebook messages lately about this blog and M&M...very, very appreciated!!!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Three things my nose loves.

My nose pretty much loves Jo Malone-anything, but I've been addicted to her room sprays for years. Right now I'm using Basil & Verbena. I'm also a huge fan of the Wild Fig & Cassis scent. They both sound heavy but are actually really clean and not too overwhelming. You can spritz all over your home or even use as a light body spray.

My friend Sarah Tallman created a beautiful fragrance line, Grove, New York. Her signature scent evokes Bay rum, orange groves and her Dad's cologne. I was a lucky duck to be one of the first "scent testers" for her latest creations--I love spraying this one around my home or on newly washed linens and sheets. You can find this line at Anthropologie.

Right around the corner from my apartment is a sneaky little night owl that likes to stay open until 11PM. It's name is Soapology and is highly distracting when I am walking home from dinner in the neighborhood. One of my favorite things to do there is create my own signature diffuser oil by mixing my picks from their wall of essences.  Right now, I'm really into "Fresh Cut Roses" mixed with "Tobacco and Caramel."  The end result is this really fresh, sweet (but not too sweet) fragrance that seems to settle the energy of a room. The store places customized labels on your bottle so you remember what you chose for the next time.

If you liked the woodland-themed deer tray, it can also be hung on the wall. Ibride designs them in a variety of great motifs. I found the one above at

Here's to a scentsational week. (Ugh, I just couldn't resist.) ;-)

PS: Thanks Daniel Movitz ( for taking photos with me this weekend.  I'm confident cooking for you did not make up for the chaos, but you rock.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Roll Out the Red Carpet...

"We want to thank all of you for watching us congratulate ourselves tonight.” Warren Beatty

It's officially red carpet season!  We wish we were heading to Mr. Weinstein's party this weekend at Chateau Marmont to kick off the 69th annual Golden Globes--but, we know anyone can create their own star-studded evening at home.  The Mermaids love hosting award show events, here are some of our favorite tips on treating guests like superstars.

Email your guests a ballot that doubles as the invitation. Ask them to select their pick of winners in advance. Collect the answers a couple of days before your event so you can organize the votes in an easy way to tally during your party.  Invite guests to wear black tie if it's an Oscar party or festive casual attire for the Golden Globes or SAG awards.

Design signature cocktails around the big celebrity nominees. Maybe the “Clooney” is a smooth, classic martini?  Or, serve Dragon-tinis and paste temporary tattoos on the sides of the glasses.  Or, keep it simple and chic and greet guests with champagne flutes and place star fruits on the rims.

Roll out the red carpet! We rent or buy these for our events a lot, they come in all colors from traditional red to pink, gold or printed motifs. You can also make your own with inexpensive red fabric. Take digital photos of your guests early in the evening, and then take a few minutes to print them out on glossy photo paper during the party. Hang the photos on a wall or bulletin board, and ask your guests for their autographs. Or, you could create your very own Sardi's wall by hiring a caricature artist at your party.  You will have your own Walk of Fame by the end of the night.

Send guests home with mini boxes of popcorn, or boxed movie candy tied with ribbon and a pair of movie vouchers so guests can enjoy a movie night on you.  A few years ago, I had an Oscar party at my place and ordered these customized cookies from  Elenis creates a signature Oscar collection every year.

You can also design your entire party to your favorite movie pick of the year.  Transform your pad into a Hawaiian paradise in honor of "The Descendants" or recreate a 1920's Hollywood film set as a nod to "The Artist."  They were my two favorite nominated films this year.  On Sunday night, I'll be at a Golden Globes viewing party rooting for Clooney and Rooney.  And, just like every other year, paying an equal amount of attention to the dresses, shoes and jewels...of course.

Have a great, starry-filled weekend.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Moons & Stars.

The Mermaids get alot of emails asking about venues, vendors and creative party themes.  When it comes to an event like a baby shower, pink and blue can be a little boring.  Many of us want to host a memorable event without breaking the piggy bank.  We think a great gender-neutral party theme is “Moons and Stars,” which we created for our favorite Mermaid, Jamie.

These adorable cupcakes were a huge hit, except blue frosting makes for blue teeth.  Always.  So, serve these at the end of the party.

Themed decor ideas include constellation light lamps-you can put them on the floor to spray a beautiful light constellation on the ceiling of the room.  Hire an astrologer to give readings to guests, and feature star nightlights for the Mama-to-be to take home for the nursery.

      Our signature cocktail was the "Goodnight Moon", a simple flute of champagne with “blueberry moons” dropped inside.


     Baby bottle centerpieces were cheap-and-chic to create. And, Starburst candy dishes placed around the room.

 I ordered cocktail napkins and had them customized with different sayings from nursery rhymes and even pop songs, like Madonna’s “Lucky Star.”   And, Jamie found the perfect party favors; bath salts tailored to each of her guest's star sign with hand-drawn illustrations. Zodiaque @

We know Jamie’s new baby Charlie loves his giraffe, which came with Charlie’s own star (that we actually registered in the solar system) hung around the giraffe’s neck.

Congratulations Jamie on the most beautiful little boy! 

Next on the list is our Pickles & Ice Cream themed baby shower.  Send us your ideas! xoxo

Photographs by Daniel Movitz.