Wednesday, April 27, 2011

'Laid Back' Love With A Twist...

A wedding that was nothing short of breathtaking was perfectly captured by one of our favorite photographers, Abby Liga.

The stunning bride, Katie, and her professional wake boarder groom, Kyle, wanted a laid back atmosphere to reflect their fun loving personalities but still craved an elegant setting.

Katie and Kyle struck the perfect balance between formal and fun.  Guests were welcomed with cranberry garnished champagne flutes as they were seated at sunset to watch the ceremony. Later, guests helped themselves to a S'mores bar, an old fashioned candy bar and then rode their sugar highs to a surprise trunk full of disguises and a Polaroid camera where they captured memories for the couple's photo guest book.

The Mermaids were thrilled to be a part of this beautiful day.

Celebrate and Swim Lightly,

The Mermaids

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