Monday, May 9, 2011

Down and Derby Time!

Mermaids were off to the races this weekend celebrating the fabulous Kentucky Derby.  Want to host your own 'Day at the Derby' party?

The Betting Guest: A fun invitation idea--create and send out betting sheets that feature the details of your event and ask your guests to bring them to the party with their top horse picks for the chance to win prizes.

"Minty & The Thoroughbred": Get into the spirit of the south by providing mint juleps accompanied by mini pecan pies
We love serving up two versions of this classic cocktail,  this year we themed them "Minty & The Thoroughbred".  The Thoroughbred was for our guests that craved a little less mint, a little more bourbon...if you plan ahead you can pre-order authentic mint julep cups that are monogrammed. 

Buffet of Roses: You don’t need to be at Churchill Downs to make your place feel like you’re racing for the roses.  Dress your buffet table with a bed of roses...cut tons of red rosebuds and place them along the center of your table.  Buy another bouquet of miniature red rosebuds and create horseshoe shapes with those to decorate the corners of large white serving platters.  Go to the hardware store and purchase some brass rings, those will look great as napkin rings.  Buy two or three traditional black velvet riding hats (or plastic to be cheap and chic), overturn, place white bowls inside and fill with appetizers like chips and dips, nuts, etc.

Leave Your Boots at the Door:
A fun way to welcome your guests to your party?  Visit a local tack shop or log onto eBay and buy a vintage pair of black riding boots.  Fill each one with a lovely green topiary tree and place the pair at the door as a celebratory greeting for your guests.  

Hats Off: Big, beautiful hats are a requirement; if guests forget - set up a little "stable table" at the party with plenty of plastic “derby” hats
found at your local party supply store.  Lay out beads, feathers, flowers and glue next to the hats so guests can decorate and write the names of the horses they are rooting for!   Go to a thrift store or search online for some beautiful and budget-friendly hats--hang them throughout your home on doors or give some away as prizes to those lucky betters.

Southern Goodbye: A fun party favor?  Monogrammed Southern Style Fans  Guests will look oh-so-gracious leaving your soiree with fans in hand.
 Wishing everyone a fabulous Derby Day from the Coasts to Kentucky. Celebrate and Swim Lightly,

The Mermaids

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