Sunday, February 12, 2012


Vintage Movie Nights?  The Best.

Who didn't love to hate Steff in Pretty in Pink?  After watching this one in the late 80's, I was inspired to try my hand at sewing. ( I failed miserably. Prom dress was promptly purchased.)  Team Duckie!

St. Elmo's Fire--my college best friends continue to steal my heart. And, it's true, sometimes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Less Than Zero made me want to move to Los Angeles (when I first watched it whilst babysitting at the mature age of 11.)  Not really sure why...the palm trees?  I was never half as cool as Jamie Gertz's character but still, not much has changed (never say never...wait for me, L.A.!) And, congrats Robert Downey Jr. on your new baby but, sadly, I really thought we had a chance... ;-)

Hmmm...what would I do differently to Jule's apartment?  NOTHING!  OK, maybe I'd lose the blue halo, but I would def keep the earring lit up against a bright pink wall.  We should all have a decorator named Ron.

Some Kind of Wonderful. Come on!  If confidence isn't the sexiest quality about someone?!  Who rocked a short-short haircut in high school better than Watts?

Vintage movie nights could make you nostalgic for John Hughes, Brat Packs and scrunchies.  But, only for approx. 90 minutes (without commercial  breaks).  Good news, 90 minutes is a gold mine of time for inspirational ideas!

PS: After recently discussing a vintage movie night with friends (one whose boyfriend had the audacity to say "Turn these off, they suck." ) We told him that he must have missed the "crush" phase-- because when you watch these in your early teens, they stay with you forever. They catch you at a certain phase, and never let you go.


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