Monday, January 30, 2012

Broadway Playbill Frame

Most people have to pick and choose what to collect or save. I'm all about sentimental value but some things just have to go. For me, cluttered space = cluttered mind!

I had two boxes filled with Broadway playbills from shows I had seen over the years. I thought about individually framing them and hanging them in rows. I also thought about cutting off the covers for a Tony Awards-themed event I was planning and pasting them in a collage on the top of the bar before fitting a piece of glass over it.

I went to my local framer for ideas, and brought the measurements of one of my blank walls. He had the ingenious idea of cutting one big frame to custom fit around all of the playbills. It's huge! And it looks perfect in the room.

If you did host a Tony Awards viewing party with a playbill-themed piece, you could string lights and create your own 42nd Street right at home. Just don't break a leg! ;-)


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