Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fin-tastic Finds: Mermaids Are On The Case.

While firing off ideas with my intern Linda last week, I stopped dead in my tracks when I noticed her cute little iPhone case decorated with watercolor hot air balloons drifting over a European city skyline. You might wonder how all of those things could logically (and artfully) be brought together on a 2" by 4" space?

So, being that I am in constant pursuit of Fin-tastic Finds for my readers, I had to tell you about Society6, an online collective of work from artists around the world featuring unique creations that can be transformed into iPhone cases, stretch canvases and more--all on behalf of artists who submit their work to the site. The options are endless. Seriously, a simple search of "Paris" gives you 86 pages of related artwork! 

Here are just a few of the designs that caught my eye: 

But of course, my instincts brought me back here... :)

And Society6 is not the only place you can satisfy your inner chic geek. Our favorite designers are also on the case (excuse the pun) from Kate Spade to Rebecca Minkoff:

Cute contradiction for the newest iPhone--obsolete cassette case!

For your good days and bad days, or when you are yearning for a lot of luxe...Goyard Prada - these guys will suit any mood you find yourself in.

It really is "the small things that make life big", the Mermaid motto. We called it.

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