Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pink Lemonade, Prints and a Perfect Day.

The Mermaids & Martinis book signing at Lilly Pulitzer (our second out in the Hamptons!) was a sunny success. Ironically, the crazy hail and thunderstorms, which actually struck off tree branches in Manhattan's Meatpacking District (I witnessed this mayhem firsthand), made way for some perfect temps and sunshine the rest of the weekend.

I took to the floor to warm up the cozy space staked out for the signing. Simple fresh cut flowers in mason jars, pink napkins and Lilly bangles quickly transformed the store into a party space. From clutches to charms, no accessory in the store was left behind. How adorable were Mermaid interns Linda and Shannon in very their Lilly-like frocks?!

The lovely Sarah Tallman and Douglass Marshall stopped by for some fun!

The staff at Lilly went above and beyond, decking out the store with books, treats, even pink drinks for the celebration! 

I talk about "Hunting and Gathering" in my book, the process of finding the perfect little something for an event, and that's exactly what I did at the Lilly Pulitzer store; heels were used as bookends, necklaces were draped across lemonade pitchers, and clutches were perched on book stacks. With the right space at home, you can create these types of looks on your own bookshelves or to brighten up a big bedroom closet.

Classic pink and green Lilly-love!

These shoes may just have to find a new home in my closet!

Special thanks to the Mermaid team at the Lilly Pulitzer store in East Hampton: Kim, Katy, Betty, Marie and Eileen--you ladies have such beautiful style!

And, big hug and kiss to Linda Yon, Shannon Monahan and Mer-Dan (Daniel Movitz! for capturing the day in such a creative way.


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