Thursday, November 1, 2012

Simple (not scary) Halloween Checklist.

My Halloween Checklist!
Share a toast with close friends.  I love this vodka called Crystal Head. It is actually the creation from the original Ghostbuster, Dan Akryoyd. ( Serve up Skulltini's and re-use the empty bottle for a creepy flower centerpiece by spray painting silver Antheriums and black roses.

The mini skulls will make great party favors for your guests to take home.

Simplify the Spook. I'm traveling over Halloween this year and will certainly not go crazy with decorating.  Instead, I started working on a simple windowsill for my simple soiree.  I painted mini pumpkins black, used LED candles, black feathers and a bag of cobweb from the drug store.  I am partnering with the amazing French silver company Christofle on a few upcoming my PR pals are kind enough to let me feature products when I 'need' to!  How beautiful is this candelabra?

Paint it Black.  Or, bloody red...this nail color by Essie is called "Velour" and it's just the right shade of blood.  

Speaking of red, try using a red light!  I have a simple little red flashlight that produces a big effect at a party.

Trick or Treat! This year, I’m lucky to be spending the holiday in Nashville with four of my favorites littles! I can’t wait to see them transform from Sophia, Ty, Johnny and Victor to a bumble bee, pirate, ninja and 'creepy guy'. 

If you are looking for more ideas on how to host some great parties this season (scary debate party?) check out my latest segment here: with the Mulberry Lane show on debate parties, Halloween tricks and festive Fall fetes.

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