Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Birthday, UPLIFT!

When my inspiring (and uber fit!) friend Leanne Shear told me she was going to live her dream a couple of years ago, I couldn't wait to see this amazing dream she was weaving! A place in New York City that helps women reach their goals to not just a healthier lifestyle, but a happier one, too?

Could the name be more perfecto?

I'd like to think I don't have a ton of 'issues' around self esteem and confidence in general--but holy moly, when it comes to the gym, you would think I was the Mayor of Slump City!  So, the idea of a women-only studio uplifted ME immediately!  A boutique fitness studio that offers group classes, personal training, and even private events. Yes, finally a place where women can go to work out without the pressures of a traditional gym.

Uplift co-founders Helena Wolin and Katie Currie hosting a signature Workout & Wine class

Straight from the mouths of babes (hot, Uplifting babes at that!): "Uplift is not just a place to work out – it is a place where women come to do something great for themselves in a fun, friendly and, yes, Uplift-ing atmosphere. We were founded on the philosophy that working out and having an active social life are two of the key components to creating happy, successful lives for women in New York City. Uplift is committed to the empowerment, support and camaraderie of and among our clients." 

Sounds pretty amazing, right? It gets better. So, they offer a signature class called Workout & Wine.  Leanne asked if I wanted to partake in one...Duh.  I immediately thought of the perfect co-host, Karla Lightfoot, to help get this party worked out.

Uplift co-founder Leanne Shear with Karla Lightfoot, Hypnotherapist

Post Workout & Wine talk with Karla Lightfoot on mind over matter

A family that practices yoga and pours wine together, stays together...
Sister Yoginis Ashley & Brittany Costa (also, my cousins!)

 Guests at Workout & Wine class enjoying wine, healthy snacks
 and a copy of my book

Happy Birthday Upflift!  I'm so proud of you, Leanne, Helena and Katie.

Get Uplifted ladies, you won't regret it! Come join us at a class:


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