Saturday, April 13, 2013

West Side GreenFlea Market

I love a good Flea Market.  One of my favorites happens most every weekend on the Upper West Side of NYC.  I have found inspiration, hand-crafted pieces and antique collectibles. If you are up for a fun afternoon or just feel that your space is missing something...I am sure you will find it here!

A few Flea Market finds from my recent visit.  Kick off your shoes, have a seat and stay a while...

I cannot get enough of peacocks lately--what a chic chair! I also love the heather grey and yellow color story on this grommeted chair--it could look so cute in front of a vanity or as a "one-off" in a sitting vignette.

Chandeliers, vintage lockets, glass bottles, and the perfect "apartment doggie".  Just a few of the things I saw and loved from out in the open air market. For a full list of outdoor vendors, follow this link:

And then I went inside!  My friend Stefi found this great vintage jacket and squash blossom-style necklace.  An old-school sewing machine table could add a lot of charm to a room.  And, as corny as they may be, I used to have a pig collection as a kid, when I saw these, I remembered them well! I wonder where they landed?  Maybe here?! 

How sweet is this silver tray and brass monkey?  This gold plated necklace could finally convince me to wear a watch.

Want to see more from inside vendors? Follow this link to see a full list of vendors for the indoor portion of the market:

You just never know who you might meet at the Flea!

A great weekend outing could be waiting for you.  Also a unique place to bring visitors from out of town. No admission charges, the market is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 5:45pm.

Happy Hunting!

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