Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mermaid Material - Oh Yeah, That Shoe Fits.

Occasionally, a Mermaid will hang up her fins and indulge in a pair of shoes.  Really. Great. Shoes.  In honor of such momentous occasions, I wanted to spotlight my intern Linda's HOT pink suede shoes by Cristina Florea (which she picked up for 15 dollars!) at a vintage store in Copenhagen.

Tangent Alert:  Upon learning that Linda studied abroad in Copenhagen, I immediately said, "That is so tell me about the Mermaid statue."  The statue was inspired by the famous fairy tale The Little Mermaid, written by Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen. He also penned The Princess and the Pea and The Ugly Duckling, just to name a few. The statue sits on a rock along the scenic coast of the Copenhagen harbor.

Anyhoooooo, back to the shoe.  So, Linda stumbles upon these Marie Antoinette-esque creations in a small vintage store in the heart of the city. The pointed toe and sassy pink hue are softened by large pink bows that top off the shoes. Admittedly, this is not a shoe you would call a closet staple--but a fun little pair that would serve just as well as a conversation piece on display in your bookshelf (maybe sitting atop an H.C. Andersen Anthology?) or to brighten up a Sunday brunch outfit.

Most importantly, this is yet another Mermaid case study proving that hunting and gathering can reap the biggest rewards.  Most of the noteworthy items in my closet, on my walls or shelves have arrived there from a former home at a flea market, vintage shop or even a yard sale.

So, the moral of our little tale is: Happy Hunting!

PS: Send us a pic of one of your fabulous vintage or flea market finds--we will post and share the love.


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