Friday, June 22, 2012

Mermaids On The Town--The Maidstone!

Do you think The Maidstone would let me move in?  

After driving by this beautiful hotel and restaurant many times on the way to East Hampton, a friend and I spent some time exploring the grounds.  Hey, if I can't move in, at least I have Instagram.

The porch welcomes you with a surfboard sign and lots of little nooks to sit and enjoy a tea or a cheese plate.  Or, you can load up your very own bicycle basket with a mini picnic and hit the road.

If The Maidstone would ever consider letting me move in...I'd curl up by this that chaise lounge...and pull book after book off of their beautifully painted shelves...

...and, it would probably take at least a week to view all the cool photographs on the walls.

My friend and I camped out in their 'Living Room', poured ourselves a drink, and chatted for hours like it was our own living room.

I'd like that ottoman and tray wrapped up 'to-go', please.

After an inspired chat (surrounded by photos of the Mets, Andy Warhol and the Kennedy's--compelling conversation is bound to happen!) we took a stroll through the back garden, which had plenty of well designed places to lean back and enjoy some beautiful art and sculptures.

A little romance in the grass...and, bringing a City skyline to the Country...

Afternoon meditation with Buddha.

A luminous piece of art shining on the back of The Maidstone.

To wind down a day, how inviting are these shearling throws?  Tuck into one of these and enjoy the view of the pond across the way--complete with Mama swan and babies!

At a memorable place like this, you have to bring a souvenir home. Of course, they already thought of that...

I mean...who wouldn't want to move to The Maidstone?  ( 


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