Monday, July 16, 2012

It's a C. Wonder-ful World.

We wanted to share a few photos from our event with the delightful C. Wonder pop-up shop in Southampton.

Spoiler Alert: Upon entering a C. Wonder store, you may feel more like a guest at a party than a shopper.

To explore a store could turn into the best surprise of your day as there is something beautiful and unexpected around every corner. Be prepared for lovely people to walk up to you with trays of fresh squeezed lemonade and frozen Popsicle sticks to keep you cool, then indulge by filling a bag of treats from a colorful candy bar.  Enjoy music spun by a Dee Jay and the chance to win great prizes all day long just because you walked through the door. Oh, what a C. Wonderful world...

Mermaids & Martinis was featured as a favorite C. Wonder Summer Beach Read at this party so we decorated an area with fantastic stuff from around the store. I even carved out a spot as a book signing "office" to greet guests. 

Which I took very seriously, of course.

I honestly didn't think it was possible for me to love Sharpies any more--until I found that pretty porcelain elephant catch-all to put them in! (Monogrammed ones also available!) And, how about the pink phone and iPad keyboard?

WHAT? Come again??!!  Please honestly tell me that I can walk around your store and pull any piece of jewelery I want to wear for the party? OK, tell me again.

A few of my favorite picks were a sweet Love You  bracelet (I also picked one up as a gift for a love!) and the signature C. Wonder charm bracelet. It was so fun to twirl around and discover each new dangle, from a whimsical monkey to a Faberge-style egg.

Hey Ms. Dee fab is she? 

Another reason I'm in love with C. Wonder? They have the best staff.

A few times during the party, I was invited to spin their wonder wheel and hand out prizes to lucky shoppers who could win everything from monogrammed gift sets to beach chairs to a full-on shopping spree.

This picnic basket hurts my feelings I love it so much.  


And, yes, I think I will ride away into the Southampton sunset on one of your colorful city bikes complete with wicker basket and a bell.  Cute. With a capital C. 

Thank you for the perfect Summer day spent at this lovely spot.  And, special thanks to Mermaids Jamie Malkin, Shelley Colangelo, Jennifer Edwards Milam of Reveal, Daniela Maron, Selmin Arat and Julie and her entire store team for being so amazing and making it all happen in such a beautiful way.

Check out my event inspiration and favorite C. Wonder product picks on Pinterest for this event @

Hilary xo

PS: Missed it? Come join us in Nantucket for another book signing party on July 28th from 11-1! See you at the C.!

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