Monday, July 2, 2012

Raise the Flag, Raise a Glass.

Burgers, Budweiser, BBQ's...just a few celebratory things that America can entirely call its own.

The big event of the Summer is almost here, the fourth of July.  A day to celebrate all things distinctly American. Nothing says this better than a backyard BBQ or shore dinner, complete with a patriotic menu, signature cocktails brimming with red, white and blue, and of course - flags and fireworks!

With this in mind, here are some Mermaid tips on hosting an effortlessly charming soiree - even though the holiday falls on a plain ole Wednesday this year - we believe every day is a good enough reason to raise a glass. 

Festive flatware housed in mason jars with colorful ribbon...

Berry up.  You almost have to wonder if the Founding Fathers themselves were on a berry bender when they chose to declare America's independence in the sweltering month of July. Strawberries, raspberries, bluberries and blackberries are in peak season and the perfect low calorie addition to brighten up anything from cocktails to desserts.

Serve some savory with the sweet.  How great are these patriotic cones filled with chips?

Don't love all that tradition?  Move away from the grill and set your alarm clock.  My friends, the Mulberry Sisters recently did a segment with me on their radio show about hosting fourth of July fetes. Their family hosts a big pancake breakfast every year! How cute is this idea to dress up your waffles?

A fun idea for the kiddos is to set up a red Radio Flyer wagon in the yard and fill with ice, drinks, candy and tie a few red, white and blue balloons to the handle. 

Kids and adults will love these cones to cool down.

End your party with sparkling send-off centerpieces that can double as party favors and you will have officially earned your host stripes (and stars.)

For more inspiration, check out my fourth of July pinterest board:  


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