Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mermaid Material: Americana

I saw a tweet the other day that stated “The only thing you can count on in this life are those yearly Old Navy American flag t-shirts”.

It’s funny, but also indicative of the fact that many people simply flock to purchase a mass produced American flag t-shirt because they're so pressed for time around the 4th. As one of the Mermaid mantras says in my book, part of creating a great party atmosphere is setting aside time to dress up yourself, not just your table.

And because I am a huge fan of finding creative solutions that are affordable and time-efficient (and really, who isn’t?). I wanted to share a few inspiration pieces with you that will save you time and protect your savings, in the chicest way possible!  How is that for Patriotic?

Rock Star Romper. Oh, how I love you.  It cinches at your waist, it flutters in the wind, the only thing it doesn’t come with is a 1950’s pin up poster. Slip on a printed romper and go minimal on the accessories, or go for a simpler one and pile on the gems. Complete this adorable look with a pair of espadrilles or wedges. Stuart Weitzman's "Alex" style are a personal favorite (and apparently Jennifer Aniston’s too!)  

This entire look (from her head to her toes) hurts my feelings I love it so much.  Moving on...

Flag Inspired Fingertips.Your nails are a great place to make a bold statement. If you have a steady hand, challenge yourself with a DIY manicure, like the one below, courtesy of fellow blogger heartnat.blogspot.com!

But, in the end, the 4th of July should showcase things that are distinctly American, which is why I just have to pay tribute to the classic soft T-shirt. And if this American staple is going to be your clothing item of choice this holiday, make sure you find one with personality and edge. I'm a big fan of this weathered Haute Hippie style, which I've already purchased in the T-shirt version and yes, I will be wearing it tomorrow. 

Have a great holiday, I'm off to make my Flag cake.  ;-)

PS: For more 4th of July inspiration, check out my pinterest:  http://pinterest.com/mermaidhil/4th-of-july/

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