Wednesday, March 27, 2013

99 Balloons

My friend Ian wanted to throw a special party for his love.  He asked me for a few ideas that could be turned around on a short lead time.  When I worked in magazines, there was a term "quick and dirty" which meant turning around a proposal or idea quickly and efficiently with a 'bullet proof' outcome.

I love this idea for a simple but meaningful way to celebrate someone's milestone birthday. Ian emailed me 40 photos.  We transposed them all to black and whites and used a photo paper cutter to cut each to a 4x6 size.

I hole punched the top center of each photo and brought them over to meet Ian and his friend Patrick at the venue.  40 helium silver balloons were delivered to us, and the boys began to tie 'em on!  We cut the balloon strings at different lengths to add layer and a little depth to the room.

We passed out sharpies to guests, each found their own special photo and hand wrote a note on the back for the guest of honor to take home that night.

Beautiful result =  Happy birthday boy.  How easy was that?   

Happy 40th, Handsome!  Look forward to tying 99 balloons one day for you! xx

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