Sunday, March 31, 2013

Call me Sugar, bunny.

An "adult" Easter should include a great signature cocktail.  I decided to try freezing Mini Eggs in an ice cube tray. This turned out to be quite a sweet outcome!

The cubes are delicious but very sweet. I used just one cube per cocktail (mixed in with regular ice cubes) which made for a nice color pop.  I mixed the cocktail with one part vodka and one part  pomegranate juice to achieve a light pink, Spring color.

Between the egg hunt, Church, dinner or a family party--whatever you have going on for Easter, make bringing a festive host gift easy.  I purchased a small chocolate cake from my favorite bakery.  Then, to dress it up, I simply added some Mini Eggs, luster pearls (these are edible sugar pearls with a whimsical Eastery look) And, traditional colored hard-boiled eggs, of course!

Simply place the colored eggs around the perimeter of your cake.  Sprinkle a few of the luster pearls and the Mini Eggs on the top of the cake.  I found this cute cake platter at Williams-Sonoma.

Delicious! Your host or your guests will appreciate the festive sugar high.

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