Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Prettiest Pumpkin in the Patch, Lilly.

Every March, when Spring flowers start to petal their wares over Manhattan, I find myself wishing for things a shade lighter and brighter.  From my mindset to my closet, I have found a new season can really bring out a part of you that may lay dormant during other months.  Lilly Pulitzer seems to keep a "Spring-Spirit" alive all year long.  I wanted to highlight her fabulous fashion "Townhouse" on Madison Avenue after a fun party we did together.  Selfishly, revisiting this evening with Lilly P. has made me long even more for her sunny spring frocks, Lilly "Wall-spiration" quotes, and of course, infusing a little more pink into my own spirit!

Lilly Pulitzer, Madison Avenue "Townhouse", NYC

As if things could get any MORE rosy on these walls--the entire staff at this store were true birds of a feather. Karen and her entire team were beautiful, kind, lovely and FUN!  I arrived for the party carrying some pumpkins that I had painted at home with hopes to bring a Palm Beachy flair to my book table. But, alas, those Lilly girls...already waiting for me was a pink Sharpie and a glass of pink champagne complimented by the perfect Lilly-print cloth!  I was toting two things I am rarely without: my Lilly planner and Lilly printed iPhone case. ;-)

My favorite guest that night decided she wanted to eat one of the "Lilly-Pink" pumpkins. We finally convinced her to shop instead...

Beyond the shopping, guests also enjoyed makeovers by Laura Gellar (,  pink champagne toasts and delicious nibbles.  And, part of the shopping proceeds that night benefited The Lower Lab School.

I walked into the Lilly Store in ordinary flats, and walked out wearing these amazing Lilly wedges to paint my own part of the town GOLD.

Hail to Queen Lilly! A goddess of spunk, style, panache--and, she just so happens to have the brightest closet on Madison Ave.

"Not her first Lilly, and certainly not her last!" -Lilly Wall-spiration

Goodnight Dear Lilly, until next time.

Photo Credits: Harriet Roberts.

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