Friday, March 29, 2013

A Meal with Alain Ducasse in Bordeaux (right on Park Ave!)

I was invited to be a guest of a spectacular evening recently, the second annual Burdi Gala.  Only the second event ever hosted inside the historic St. Bartholomew's Church on Park Avenue, to say it was beautiful would be an unholy understatement. It was truly breathtaking.

The President of Christofle hosted my table, he even brought a bottle from his personal cellar to share with us honoring the birth of his son 18 years ago.

Walking into the Church, rustic wine barrels doubled as cocktail tables, a live quartet and a surprise performance from a children's choir added to the classical mood.  The theme of the evening was to celebrate Bordeaux and raise money for wine scholarships for aspiring Sommeliers.  There was a fabulous French feeling in the air that could not be denied, especially the anticipation of our guest Chef for the night-Alain Ducasse!

Each table was clearly marked with a different wooden wine label, and I was wide-eyed at the number of wine glasses!  We would taste 10 different Bordeauxs that evening.  In addition, guests who were wine collectors were invited to bring a distinct bottle from their own cellar.

When Alain Ducasse walked into the room, you could probably hear the applause outside on Park Avenue.  He created an exquisite 4-course meal purposely paired for Bordeaux.  To start, a Foie Gras dish, followed by a gorgeous Osso Bucco, a cheese and charcuterie platter and a lovely meringue dessert.

As my taxi pulled away after the event, I took this last shot of the Church.  Who knows if there will be a third event hosted in this treasured space? I'll be praying for a invite. ;-)

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