Monday, November 28, 2011

The Hermes Scarf Wears Many Hats.

Town & Country magazine asked my good friend and interior designer, Sarah Tallman, to create one of her signature 'Scarf Floor Pillows'  for their Spring issue.

She and I went through my batch (I've loved collecting different scarves over the years) and settled on this green, nautical-inspired Hermes scarf  (  which now has a home on my living room floor. 

I like to use it for extra seating if I have a few friends over or as a makeshift table for cocktails or tea.

The Hermes scarf or any kind of scarf really can wear many hats!  I've seen people frame their scarf and hang as a decorative piece of wall art and also tie as a purse. I've used mine for head wraps and table runners. I've tied one into a 'scarf-shirt' and wore it under a suit.  I also tied one of my faves as a bright, patterned 'cumberbund' when wearing all black.

Some Sophia scarf-spiration...

And, a great guide below to get you started: "40 Ways to Tie a Scarf". (

Happy tying, Mermaids! xo

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