Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stay Curious, Don't Stay Too Long.

Life is the ultimate seesaw.  We stay in one place too long and we might feel bored or stifled.  We move around too much--seeking and searching--and we can become a bottomless pit of curiosity, never feeling fulfilled.  For me, I think finding a balance will be my forever quest. 

I keep these books in my living room to remind me to always travel and to stay curious.  But, I keep the mala beads on top because they were given to me at a yoga class right down the street from my apartment.  Which, reminds me that the best gifts are sometimes right around the corner.

The monkey is sort of my apartment's best friend.  On any given day, you may see him on a make-shift bar holding pistachio nuts and another week he will hold court with matchboxes in his banana bowl for easy candle lighting.  Some weeks, he also travels to my desk to hold a stack of my business cards. So, he moves around alot, but also likes to be right at home.

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