Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mama Jaded Me.

I was home for Thanksgiving and spent some memorable time with my family.  To cap off the trip, I also shopped my Mom's closet.  If you met my Mom, you may say:  "Michele, I love your ring!" and she very well may take it off her finger and hand it to you.   I've inherited that trait from her too--my philosophy is if you have fallen out of "love" with a material thing, why not pass it along to someone who is newly in love? 

Of course, one will never part with certain sentimental pieces of value.  For my Mom, one is a 70's ceramic hand-painted owl hanging from a rope that my Dad bought her at a tag sale when they first began dating.  

For me, I would not let go of a shrimp ring from the 80's that belonged to my Grandmother which I like to wear around my neck on a chain.  And, now, I'll add these four things to my "keep-forever" file.  A jade and pearl necklace with antique gold coins, a filigree gold bangle, the sweetest gold puffed heart and a chunky Jade bracelet from the 60's. 

Thanks Mich! xo

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