Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snowy Day Project.

I love a snowy, cozy day. First of all, it's the perfect excuse to nest.  Second, it's a great opportunity to tackle a project that keeps falling off of one to-do list to the next one...week after week.  I was tired of looking at a certain wall in my apartment and equally tired of never finding the right piece of jewelry when I needed it!

My friend Berns helped me sort through a mess of a drawer that was overstuffed with jewelry. Typically, in a City apartment, you have to make the most of every spot. And, my boring white wall was up to no good. It was valuable unused real estate, so I made it into a Jewelry Box of sorts with the best part being now I will see what I have every day.

Command 3M makes great no-damage, adhesive hooks that will not take the paint off your wall and you can easily move them around.  I used the hooks but you could be much more creative and hang jewelry from vintage hooks or doorknobs. On top, I tied a ribbon to both ends of a bookshelf to easily poke earrings and pins into.

I also found a killer decal (I know that sounds like a contradiction) to go on this wall, and my Dad is making me a thin wooden table to fit underneath (yes, he's making it!) that I will paint a lacquered Tiffany Box blue.

Thank you Berns for all of your help and your height in reaching the top of my bookcase. ;-) 

PS: Thanks for all the nice emails/facebook messages lately about this blog and M&M...very, very appreciated!!!


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