Friday, January 13, 2012

Roll Out the Red Carpet...

"We want to thank all of you for watching us congratulate ourselves tonight.” Warren Beatty

It's officially red carpet season!  We wish we were heading to Mr. Weinstein's party this weekend at Chateau Marmont to kick off the 69th annual Golden Globes--but, we know anyone can create their own star-studded evening at home.  The Mermaids love hosting award show events, here are some of our favorite tips on treating guests like superstars.

Email your guests a ballot that doubles as the invitation. Ask them to select their pick of winners in advance. Collect the answers a couple of days before your event so you can organize the votes in an easy way to tally during your party.  Invite guests to wear black tie if it's an Oscar party or festive casual attire for the Golden Globes or SAG awards.

Design signature cocktails around the big celebrity nominees. Maybe the “Clooney” is a smooth, classic martini?  Or, serve Dragon-tinis and paste temporary tattoos on the sides of the glasses.  Or, keep it simple and chic and greet guests with champagne flutes and place star fruits on the rims.

Roll out the red carpet! We rent or buy these for our events a lot, they come in all colors from traditional red to pink, gold or printed motifs. You can also make your own with inexpensive red fabric. Take digital photos of your guests early in the evening, and then take a few minutes to print them out on glossy photo paper during the party. Hang the photos on a wall or bulletin board, and ask your guests for their autographs. Or, you could create your very own Sardi's wall by hiring a caricature artist at your party.  You will have your own Walk of Fame by the end of the night.

Send guests home with mini boxes of popcorn, or boxed movie candy tied with ribbon and a pair of movie vouchers so guests can enjoy a movie night on you.  A few years ago, I had an Oscar party at my place and ordered these customized cookies from  Elenis creates a signature Oscar collection every year.

You can also design your entire party to your favorite movie pick of the year.  Transform your pad into a Hawaiian paradise in honor of "The Descendants" or recreate a 1920's Hollywood film set as a nod to "The Artist."  They were my two favorite nominated films this year.  On Sunday night, I'll be at a Golden Globes viewing party rooting for Clooney and Rooney.  And, just like every other year, paying an equal amount of attention to the dresses, shoes and jewels...of course.

Have a great, starry-filled weekend.

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