Friday, January 27, 2012

Vintage Love.

I get pretty excited about a great vintage find. I found this sweet little vintage Chanel label at an antique store near Stonington, Rhode Island. And, this hand-painted French tray was literally "found" on a hall table in my apartment building. There is this strange table where residents leave unwanted treasures, instead of throwing them out, for others to take if they want (NY'ers--do have one of these tables too?).  I really shouldn't call it strange, since I've seen many people walk into the building wearing a former pair of shoes and even dresses of mine (I only want it back when it looks better on them). It's fashionable recyclying at it's best I guess.

What do you think of my new bedroom wallpaper? It's an oldie but a goodie. If it looks familiar to you, it's definitely been around a while. It's called "Martinique" and is most famous because it hangs in the Beverly Hills Hotel. (

That adorable sleep mask is from one of my most beloved vintage stores in NYC: Darling. The owner, Ann French Emonts, was a former Broadway costume designer and has an incredible eye--she is the ultimate Mermaid. ( I'm not quite bold enough to wear that sleep mask on an airplane, but once my new Martinique wallpaper is hung in my bedroom--I will have no qualms what. so. ever, darling.


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