Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Moons & Stars.

The Mermaids get alot of emails asking about venues, vendors and creative party themes.  When it comes to an event like a baby shower, pink and blue can be a little boring.  Many of us want to host a memorable event without breaking the piggy bank.  We think a great gender-neutral party theme is “Moons and Stars,” which we created for our favorite Mermaid, Jamie.

These adorable cupcakes were a huge hit, except blue frosting makes for blue teeth.  Always.  So, serve these at the end of the party.

Themed decor ideas include constellation light lamps-you can put them on the floor to spray a beautiful light constellation on the ceiling of the room.  Hire an astrologer to give readings to guests, and feature star nightlights for the Mama-to-be to take home for the nursery.

      Our signature cocktail was the "Goodnight Moon", a simple flute of champagne with “blueberry moons” dropped inside.


     Baby bottle centerpieces were cheap-and-chic to create. And, Starburst candy dishes placed around the room.

 I ordered cocktail napkins and had them customized with different sayings from nursery rhymes and even pop songs, like Madonna’s “Lucky Star.”   And, Jamie found the perfect party favors; bath salts tailored to each of her guest's star sign with hand-drawn illustrations. Zodiaque @

We know Jamie’s new baby Charlie loves his giraffe, which came with Charlie’s own star (that we actually registered in the solar system) hung around the giraffe’s neck.

Congratulations Jamie on the most beautiful little boy! 

Next on the list is our Pickles & Ice Cream themed baby shower.  Send us your ideas! xoxo

Photographs by Daniel Movitz.

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