Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Three things my nose loves.

My nose pretty much loves Jo Malone-anything, but I've been addicted to her room sprays for years. Right now I'm using Basil & Verbena. I'm also a huge fan of the Wild Fig & Cassis scent. They both sound heavy but are actually really clean and not too overwhelming. You can spritz all over your home or even use as a light body spray. http://www.jomalone.com/

My friend Sarah Tallman created a beautiful fragrance line, Grove, New York. Her signature scent evokes Bay rum, orange groves and her Dad's cologne. I was a lucky duck to be one of the first "scent testers" for her latest creations--I love spraying this one around my home or on newly washed linens and sheets. You can find this line at Anthropologie.  http://www.anthropologie.com/

Right around the corner from my apartment is a sneaky little night owl that likes to stay open until 11PM. It's name is Soapology and is highly distracting when I am walking home from dinner in the neighborhood. One of my favorite things to do there is create my own signature diffuser oil by mixing my picks from their wall of essences.  Right now, I'm really into "Fresh Cut Roses" mixed with "Tobacco and Caramel."  The end result is this really fresh, sweet (but not too sweet) fragrance that seems to settle the energy of a room. The store places customized labels on your bottle so you remember what you chose for the next time. http://www.soapologynyc.com/

If you liked the woodland-themed deer tray, it can also be hung on the wall. Ibride designs them in a variety of great motifs. I found the one above at http://www.mxyplyzyk.com/.

Here's to a scentsational week. (Ugh, I just couldn't resist.) ;-)

PS: Thanks Daniel Movitz (movitzphotography.com) for taking photos with me this weekend.  I'm confident cooking for you did not make up for the chaos, but you rock.

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