Monday, December 19, 2011


I scheduled a hot date with my flat-screen last week. My TiVo list was overflowing, so I re-watched two great movies that were recorded. The first was Down With Love starring Renee Zellweger as writer, "Barbara Novak" and Ewan McGregor as her arch nemesis, "Catcher Block."

What working girl wouldn't love to come home to this pad after a long day at the office? Mid-century magic at it's best. I am downright-in-love with the Old-Hollywood decor vibe in this space. The set designer is a genius. Can someone tell me where can I find a marble fire pit like that?! 

I was also obsessed with every character's retro outfit. Especially, when our leading lady rocks a white turban. And, pink Maribou slippers?  I mean...go big or go home, Babs.

Of course, the film wraps with our reluctant heroine no longer feeling down about love. Shocking twist, right?

My second Film-spiration was The Ghost Writer directed by Roman Polanski. I could watch this movie 100 times! It's so well done. Most of the story is depicted at a vacation home on the East Coast--off the dunes in Cape Cod. But, since we know Polanski is not allowed back on U.S. soil, it's crazy how he captured the film. I wasn't sure where it was filmed but recently read it was the Island of Stylt off the coast of Germany. Again, the set design was unbelievably seductive. I admired everything about the house, built with super clean lines in mind and modern edges that off-set the wild and rustic beachy bluffs outside.

Especially the office-complete with tricked-out blinds and a surreal view.

As I'm writing, I realize that both films starred Ewan McGregor in which he plays a bit of a cad-ish, womanizing writer.  Hmmm...probably best not to overthink that one. ;-)

I LOVE these Film-spirations and hope to have another date with TiVo after the holiday craze. Happy Monday!

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