Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Windows.

 As winter has softly (snow, please?) started to write it's story on New York City, one of the biggest chapters may be the holiday windows around town.  These could easily be compared to the Super Bowl of department stores.  Except instead of 2 teams,there are 3 teams that win for me--and they are always the 3 B's!

Team 1: Bergdorf Goodman. 2011 Window Theme: Carnival of the Animals.

I mean, so beautiful.  This iconic store has become a holiday tradition for me, having lunch with my Mom at the Bird Cage, designed by Kelly Wearstler and then browsing for the most unique holiday ornaments a few paces down on the 7th floor. The restaurant is actually not called the Bird Cage but "BG."  But, you may find that you feel perched on the most beautiful nest up there--with the very best views of Central Park.

Team 2: Barneys. 2011 Window Theme: Lady Gaga. 
Coolest team-up of the year.  Barney's transformed their 5th floor to become "Gaga's Workshop" curated by Lady Gaga, herself.  The store front windows? Lady Gaga as a metallic Mermaid is pretty captivating against a grey Manhattan sidewalk. (And I'm only a little partial to this one.)

Team 3: Bendels. 2011 Window Theme: Christmas Spectacular
Henri Bendel's windows are inspired by the 125th birthday of Miss Liberty & Radio City Music Hall's Christmas Spectacular, featuring a sort of "Rockette-Statue-of-Liberty" wearing a dress made of jelly beans and a reindeer dog.  If I was a tourist passing through, I'd buy them a drink.

Saks Fifth Avenue was a great runner-up with a pretty cool snowflake 3-D light show set to holiday music.  But, it left me a little bored.  I guess snowflakes are hard to compete this year with Miss Liberty, Mermaids and Gaga. The show kind of reminded me of being at all-girl's private school back in the day in the bell choir. Fun, but not exactly exhilarating. 

Cheers to open windows and creating our own view.  

Happy holidays.

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