Sunday, December 11, 2011

In Paris, the Toilet Paper is Pink.

Paris breaks my heart. I need a new word for love when it comes to Paris.

Cliche you say? (how original...another American girl who LOVES Paris?)  Yawn. Well, it's easy to be a critic.  But, you do have a point.  Over the weekend, I had a glass of Cotes Du Rhone with a friend and we worked out the obsession in three simple reasons why any girl might fall in love Paris.

Un. Macarons.

And, all the sweets made on French soil.  The way a patisserie pays attention to detail is epic.

Deux. The toilet paper is pink.  Like, the kind of every day, ordinary toilet paper that you buy at CVS or the grocery store in bulk is PINK.

So, the big picture reads that even the TP is pretty! And, the men in France roll that TP out without batting an eyelash. To them, pink is just an attractive color that makes perfect sense to have in a room where not-so-attractive things sometimes happen.

Men in France seem to have a masculine appreciation for feminine things.  Now, American guys are amazing and sexy and smart (and many certainly appreciate beauty) but how many do you know that would use pink toilet paper without feeling just a tad emasculated?
Trois. Appreciation for Lunch. 
Lunch is an event.  Lunch is not a hurried task to fuel yourself quickly so you can rush back to check the next thing off of your daily to-do list.  It's a moment, a be savored and enjoyed. 
I can almost fully count on both hands my visits to this most amazing city so, needless to say, I was over the moon when my friend recently launched her blog: I look forward to her updates on all things french and all things fabulous every week!

PS: I forgot one more reason: Chiens.  The french don't view them as mere dogs, they are revered and loved and cherished. And, most times, a girl will envy their lunch reservation.

I have many more than three reasons for loving Paris, but until I come up with them, check out for much more interesting topics than TP, and Happy Monday!

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