Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy 3.

A friend and I have a weekly tradition called: "Happy 3."  It started because after many years of many long conversations over lunches or cocktails, we realized that we could talk about doing things and changing things in our lives--but what's the point if we walk away with no action items?  Talking is great, but it requires no action.  No change.  A to-do list can be terrifying the longer it gets, and the best of intentions without actually crossing off something can add up to feeling not-so-happy.

So, we developed a "Happy 3" lunch and try our best to meet once a week to discuss three small (or sometimes big) things that we both walk away from our get-together and DO.

This week, my "Happy 3" is:
1.) Order a holiday gift from Livy's Hope.

A friend from high school has two beautiful twin girls Hailey and Livy.  Livy was born with an illness so her parents started this foundation for her.  You can order a customized painting from Hailey, who is beyond talented at the age of seven!  Over the Summer, I ordered a painting from Hailey and told her that I write about kids parties themed around "Mermaids & Milk & Cookies."  Look what she sent me!

There are also cheap & chic bracelets on sale at Livy's Hope that would make great stocking stuffers.  Hailey is creating her own set of notecards with original artwork (including my Mermaid!) that I can't wait to stock up on!

2.) I am going to handcuff myself to a quiet room and finish reading this book.  To be inspired is to be alive and this man figured it out.

3.) Organize my photos.  I know this sounds like an easy job, but my neighbor is a professional in-home organization expert, and I'm enlisting hired help!  Years of photos are in boxes and I can't wait to put them in proper albums and feel lighter.  I love that Graphic Image makes ones that you can personalize with titles and dates.

My to-do list for this weekend was making me feel a little car-sick.  At least three things are getting checked off this weekend, which will make heading into next week a much smoother ride.


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