Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Holy Grail for Hair.

I have what you call "Thick/Thin" hair.  Meaning, I have a ton of hair, but the strands are really fine.  What this translates to are majorly great hair days and some colossal bad ones. 

Since I was asked to be the understudy in the movie "Tangled", I decided to try out a popular product called Moroccan Oil.  It's made with an oil called Argan which I think is infused with magical properties.  A tiny drop goes a long way to shinier and healthier hair and somehow, your hair dries twice as fast when you use it.

My hairstylist will appreciate that my envy has simmered down (slightly) about those Italian models in hair ads--you know the types, filmed walking down the street holding a cup of coffee with their shiny, layered and thick tresses bouncing lightly off of their shoulders.  Mildly annoying. 

Ok, I may not be Italian (or have hair like hers) but now that I'm part Moroccan, here's to no more bad hair days. 

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